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Free your mind….   ….with VAR

Virtual and Augmented Reality hit the mainstream in 2016, with VAR being the UK’s first high-end immersive VR organisation to bring the experience to you. At VAR we embraced the opportunities created by this immersive technology – acknowledging the powerful engagement tool it provides for both business and education, to influence audiences in a completely new way.

Augmented Reality (AR) improves, enhances or expands real life by inserting virtual objects into the user's real world environment. Virtual Reality (VR) creates an immersive, completely virtual world that users interact with, using devices that isolate the user from the real world.

By disrupting age-old methods and creating new ones - VAR brings a new dimension to traditional team building, communication training and employee engagement. Or you can simple engage our services for hospitality or reward activities.

“I was blown away by the impact that VAR had on the delegates. Whereas in a normal training environment you get the dreaded silence when seeking a volunteer to undergo an activity, with VAR everybody had their hand up.”

“The evaluation feedback showed that everybody had thoroughly enjoyed the experience and felt like they had learned a lot. Delegates unanimously agreed that using VR as a training aid helped to reinforce and underpin the learning more than usual, due to the unique immersive way in which the material was presented, they all agreed the training experience would resonate with them for a long time.”

At VAR our technology specialists, and experienced learning, design and development professionals are on hand to ensure your virtual reality experience is more than just a fun event - we make sure that learning happens through challenging your team in ways that traditional training just cannot match.

Free your mind and experience the exceptional at the Peterborough B2B exhibition.