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Chamber attack to put cyber-crime in the spotlight at #PboroB2B

Ever wondered what the repercussions would be if your company was hit by a cyber-attack? Is it really as big a problem IT experts would have you believe?

The Chamber will be subjected to a fictional cyber-attack at the Peterborough B2B Exhibition next week. It will all be part of a free seminar taking place during the event on the ways in which business can use Cyber Essentials, a government-backed scheme, to protect their business and demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding others’ data.

Join us to find out how easy it is to click on a deceptively innocent-looking link, understand what happens next and examples of the sensitive data that is vulnerable. 

The session will be delivered by MASS, a world-leading authority in electronic warfare operational support, cyber security, and secure ICT networks, and will take place from 12.30-1.15pm within the Peterborough B2B Exhibition.

Book your free place online here.